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Jacob's Sniffer 430


Tracer gas is a proven technique for localising a wide variety of leaks. Typical uses include, Internal and external leaks on buildings and houses. Leaks in heating systems, boilers and leaks in swimming pools. 

The Ultimate Water Leak Detector​

SNIFFER430 is an advanced water leak detector that uses the tracer gas technique to quickly and reliably locate even the smallest water leaks in underground, underfloor, and in-wall pipes.

Jacobs Sniffer 430.png

5% hydrogen 95% nitrogen mix tracer gas.

A 5% hydrogen 95% nitrogen mix is used as a tracer gas as it is NON TOXIC, NON FLAMMABLE and NON CORROSIVE and is approved for use in water networks. It is also readily available from gas and welding supplies (used as a blanket gas).

Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule and will escape through the leak point and be detected by the highly sensitive detector in the Jacob’s Sniffer 430.

You will be able to detect tracer gas through a variety of surfaces including but not limited to.

Tarmac, concrete, grass, block paving, timber, stud walls etc.

Operation of the Jacobs Sniffer 430.

The item or pipe to be tested is emptied, in heating or water systems remove as much water as possible, however small amounts will not dramatically effect testing as the gas will be pressurised around the system.

Make a connection from your tracer gas bottle to the item to be filled.

Check the system is sealed so that no gas can escape except from the leak point.

Pressurise the system to be tested (normal operation pressures should be observed). As the pressure gauge steadies on the cylinder you will know the system is only losing as through the leak. 

Turn on your Jacob’s Sniffer 430’s pump and walk over to the area to be searched, check the PPM gauge on the tablet looking for the highest readings.

Now move away from the area with the highest reading and the gauge will drop, return again and the gauge will increase, you can store the readings to keep a record of the various readings taken.

The area with the highest reading will be the point of the leak.

It is important to take your time when searching for leaks and confirm the readings over multiple passes.

Sniffer 430 In-wall-small.jpg
Sniffer 430_indoor1.jpg
Sniffer 430-grass.jpg

Please note the above is for guidance only and not to be considered as instructions of how to operate or implement the use of the Jacob’s Sniffer 430.   

Inert Gas Regulator.jpg

Inert Gas Regulator

15mm Push Fit Connector Shut Off.jpg

15mm Push-fit Connector with Shut-off Valve

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