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Maxprobe XL


The Maxprobe™ XL is the 100m version of our signature push-rod camera system, with enhanced features to handle the extended push-reach and rod length, yet still boasting the same functionality and benefits, such as all-terrain pneumatic tyres and easy-access rod-braking system, as well as the 10.4” sunlight readable screen that makes the entire Maxprobe range easy to use.


100m Rod


50mm - 300mm




Wi-Fi Enabled


Built-in Sonde


Rain/Splash Proof


Built in reporting software
& mobile app connectivity

Key Features:

  • 100m of tough coated push-rod

  • IP54 rated control box, IP68 rated camera reel

  • 10.4” sunlight readable screen

  • 9+ hours battery life

  • 32GB internal storage

  • Sonde built-in to the self-levelling camera head

  • WinCan Embedded* & mina survey reporting software

  • Multiple charging options (12v, 110v, 240v)

  • Wi-Fi enabled

What Can You Do with a Maxprobe™ XL?

  • Inspect up to 100m of pipeline, 50mm to 300mm diameter

  • Investigate pipelines, boreholes, chimneys & other cavities

  • Take screenshots

  • Control the lights and sonde remotely

  • Store up to 32hrs worth of video on the control box

  • Connect wirelessly to your mobile phone or tablet

  • Create full PDF survey reports on site

  • Save your entire project (inc. video) to USB device or transfer via WiFi**

  • Change the camera size for different pipe diameters

* WinCan Embedded only available in certain countries, check with your local distributor

** Certain handsets, requires download of free “mina” mobile app


Built in reporting software

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