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RCM Machines


RCM-Machines are cleaning units which rotate chain tools in the pipe with required speed. There are three models available for cleaning different size pipelines. Bosch drills work as RCM-10 model’s motor, and it comes with the machine when ordered in 230V area. The larger models are powered with 1.5 kW electric motors, which are operated with frequency controllers.



  • Weight: 26.5 kg

  • Size: width 650 mm, length 700 mm, height 270 mm

  • Cable size: Ø10 mm

  • Cable length: 10 m

  • Max. rpm: max. 3000 / min*

  • Output: 1300 W*

  • Available operating voltage: 230 v

  • Material: aluminium

  • Operation: with safety foot pedal


Features: replaceable drill option, telescope handle, easy to move, light machine, rubber feet to protect fragile surfaces



  • Weight: 97 kg

  • Size: width 450 mm, length 740 mm, height 950 mm

  • Cable size: Ø 10 m / Ø 12 mm

  • Cable length: 25 m

  • Max. rpm: max. 2800 / min

  • Output: 1500 W

  • Available operating voltage: 230 V / 110 V

  • Material: aluminium and stainless steel

  • Operation: with safety foot pedal


Features: easy to move, lockable front wheels, narrow model

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